Free Clinic

The Martin Clinic is a Free Clinic

Our clinic’s mission is to provide accessible Anthroposophic medical care to the communities we serve. We have chosen to be a free clinic without any expected payment. We understand that we could not go forward without funding and that many people want to give something for the care they receive. We will advertise a “cost to keep running” on our services. Those who can pay more are welcome to do so. Those who can pay less or none, no sweat! We believe that work done in the right spirit will be sustained, often in miraculous ways.

We strive to meet all of the basic healthcare needs of our patients. martin-clinic-logo-option1


The Martin Clinic has room for everyone with a good will and an open mind. We can use volunteers that are healthcare professionals and we are developing a special fund to assist these people in attending workshops and conferences in all aspects of Anthroposophic Medicine. We also hold study groups in our area open to everyone.

We also have a great need for volunteers who have other skills. We are very appreciative for all of your efforts.


Note that all patients will be responsible for the price of any prescriptions or other therapies. Some financial assistance does exist through our various Anthroposophic pharmacies as well as other foundations.