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Update: Dr Hancock recently increased my mistletoe dose and my last CEA (tumor marker number) was 37! Thank God for the gift of mistletoe and for Dr. Hancock's persistence and support in a seemingly hopeless situation. I am living proof that he never gives up on his patients.

Testimonial * In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage II after the lumpectomy. In February, 2017, I had a mastectomy. After two CT scans, I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with metastasis to the lungs. I found Dr. Mark Hancock through the YouTube channel, ChrisBeatCancer. Ivelisse Page healed her stage IV colon cancer with mistletoe.
Two weeks ago, I returned home from having infusions in Dr. Hancock's home. I stayed with a good friend in a nearby town. He is a very kind and gentle man. His wife and six daughters are also very nice. I spent a lot of time playing chess with his oldest daughter, Bronwyn. I think I won once.
On August 1st, 2017, I had my third CT scan. All the lung nodules had decreased in size
significantly. I cannot thank Dr. Hancock enough for his service and sacrifice! I will continue to take mistletoe injections. Mistletoe has been going strong in Europe for 100 years. Dr. Hancock interned in Germany after medical school.
I have learned that mistletoe can kill a cancerous tumor & maybe prevent the need for surgery. If you do take chemotherapy and radiation, it can lessen their side effects. I didn't do chemotherapy or radiation myself.
Thank you Dr. Hancock! May your tribe increase!

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Testimonial * In April 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with liver and lung metastasis. I was sent home to "call hospice when the time comes" or to take sickening chemotherapy that might give me a few months of life.

My sister was lead by The Lord to a Mistletoe cancer treatment website called "Believe Big". Through that website we found The Martin Clinic in Atlanta where Dr Mark Hancock treated me with gradually higher doses of IV Mistletoe. Dr Hancock informed me that there are several types of Mistletoe from various trees to treat various diseases basically by powerfully boosting the immune system.

It all began in December, 2016 when Dr Hancock suggested that I use Mistletoe in conjunction with chemotherapy. My tumor markers (CEA) were about 1,250 at that time. After my first Mistletoe treatment, CEA was down to about 900. I stopped Mistletoe treatment in mid January because I felt lousy from chemo, Then CEA only dropped to 800. So I forced myself to continue Mistletoe injections at home as Dr Hancock had instructed. It is now February, just 3 weeks later and my CEA was down to 116 last week!

Thank You and God Bless You, Dr Hancock, for stepping outside the box to save lives, even when it difficult for you...

If you feel moved to write a testimonial about your experience with the clinic, I would be very humbled.


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